Welcome to SNAPDJS

We are a group of DJs formed by many local DJ companies in Southern New England who network, connect, support and freely exchange ideas to enhance company operations, client satisfaction, and educate newer and upcoming DJ talent who are willing to learn.

Our existing membership consists of DJs who have been in operation for many years and have worked in all spectrums of our industry from Radio, Mobile, Club, and Mobile arenas. We assemble once a month and provide many services, speakers, distributors, venues, and major talents who make up the core of what our profession provides as a service.

Here is a short list of the benefits that we provide consist of:

  • Wholesale and major discounts from premier equipment vendors
  • A support network of DJs who are willing to provide help in times of crisis and need
  • Interactive services and information exchange in our paid members area of our website
  • Access to other areas of DJ necessity like legal advice & accounting advice.
  • Discounts on online music providers
  • Education and tutorials on all DJ software
  • Tips and tricks on how to use Windows and MAC operating systems for streamlining your events

Our board of directors are always working on bringing the group new and fresh material to keep our membership engaged and wanting to continue to come to our meetings.

We invite you to become a member with our group, our membership is $50 a year! In the entire scheme of what DJs spend on equipment, music, insurance, and other various needs, this is a trivial cost that will have a high rate of return to enhance your DJ operations!

Where to start? Check out the links below and see all that SNAPDJS has to offer!

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